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Oct 7, 2023

Belgrade Philharmonic

Belgrade, Serbia

Rachmaninoff, Piano concerto Nº 4
Stanislav Kochanovsky, conductor

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Oct 13, 2023

Istambul State Symphony Orchestra

Istambul, Turkey

Beethoven Piano Concerto nº 1
Alessandro Cedrone, conductor


February 28th, 2013

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art / Schubert, Ligeti, Prokofiev & Haydn

“As far as piano technique goes Denis Kozhukhin from Novgorod is already on his way into the comprehensive and respect-commanding Hall of Fame of the Russian piano school…

Denis Kozhukhin has a consummate feeling both for the provocative and the sensitive in Prokofiev’s music, and the many virtuoso elements in the intense work, which requires much playing with crossed hands, was no problem…

He made Ligeti’s demanding brilliance sound so romantic and nostalgic in the treatment of melody and made the quite unplayable ‘The Devil’s Staircase’ so madly captivating in the heaven-storming stampede of the etude (which ends in the blackest of holes!)… a quick Haydn sonata with colours and nuances, and Chopin’s ‘Raindrop Prelude’ at the end only reinforced the impression that Kozhukhin is the man of the future.”

Politiken, February 2013