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March 15th, 2011

Munich Herkulessaal / Haydn, Brahms, Liszt

“It quickly became apparent during his recital at the Herkulessaal that Denis Kozhukin is a marvellous pianist. Anyone who can play a selection from Liszt’s ‘Etudes d’exécution transcendente’ so brilliantly has no technical limitations. Anyone who can shape the various lines and layers of sound in the densely packed movement of Brahms’ Sonata in C major Op. 1 with such vividness, and without missing a single musical detail, demonstrates a truly substantial musical understanding that really gets to the bottom of the piece.

His Haydn was inspiring: Kozhukin measured the tone with such precision that the colours and contrasts were perfectly weighted, both in the lively opening movement and the austerely performed adagio.”
– Suddeutsche Zeitung